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Among the greatest problems facing the planet today is climatic change. Many scientists think that our manufacture of co2 along with other green house gases is getting an electric heating impact on the climate, and this may be very harmful for human existence. This essay will

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check out the problem of climatic change and suggest some methods of solving the issue.

Many problems could derive from climatic change. Among the greatest problems is booming ocean level. This could cause the flooding of low laying seaside areas and metropolitan areas, for example Egypt, holland, and Bangladesh. Some countries could even vanish entirely! One other issue brought on by climatic change is alterations in weather patterns. Many areas around the globe have elevated hurricanes, floods, along with other unusual weather. Another problem connected with climatic change may be the impact on creatures. Fish populations might be affected, although some insects which spread disease might be common.

There are many things are going to to resolve the issue of climatic change. One option would be to prevent producing C02. Are going to this by switching from oil, coal and gas to alternative energy. Another option would be to plant more trees. Trees absorb co2 and convey oxygen, which isn’t a green house gas. Another solution is by using less energy and also to recycle more products. Producing usable energy is among the primary causes of co2. When we use less electricity, we’ll produce less C02.

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To conclude, when we make small changes now in the manner we live, we are able to avoid huge changes later on. Scientists, governments and people must interact to beat this threat.