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There are numerous rumors making their rounds on the internet which suggest that hiring a professional essay writing service is online. The fact is that hiring a service to help you with a difficult essay is not online at all! This is why the service we offer here at Essays is 100% legal and you will not be cheating if we help you, rather on the contrary you will be making an investment towards actually learning how to write a good essay. At Essays we have the most professional and educated essay writers who have invested years into understanding essay writing, perfecting the process and helping students. It is their years of experience and the fact that they are born with the ability to write that benefits students.

The right way to use our writing service


In reality you are not cheating if you use our service correctly. It is how you decide to use our custom written essays which matters the most to you. Simply buying an essay is different from hiring an essay writing service to help you with a particular essay. An essay writing service is onlineand can be grounds for cheating by your teacher if all you do is get our professionals to write the essay and then submit it as your own work. Though we do not hold the rights to the paper we write for you, the fact is that you're bypassing a very importantlearning process even if you are never caught for cheating. Consider the fact that a custom written high quality essay is an excellent resource for students who want to learn how to write all on their own.


What are custom essays and dissertations?


A custom dissertation or essay order online is in its pure sense an academic paper which is written for just one person, and is done by a professional writer. This is similar to a custom tailored suit which is tailored to that individual's body shape and taste. At Essays our essays and dissertations are custom tailored to suit the assignment you have been given by your teacher or professor. Everything from the research to the final formatting of the essay is done keeping the assignment guidelines in mind. At this point we would also like to caution students who may be considering purchasing an essay from a paper bank or an essay bank as they are called. These are usually low quality essays and even using them as your template is never a good idea. A custom essay or dissertation is always the best route to take.

Why does the media say that an essay writing service is online?

Generally it is mainly a lack of research on the part of our media and various internet blogs which talk about this. However, if you really read articles and reports written by credible media outlets and people you'll discover that they are in most cases pointing at pre-written essays which people buy. There are hundreds of essay banks on the internet which sell low quality essays for just a few dollars. Though they may be cost effective they are in fact online. But not the custom service that we offer you!